Business owners need to be able to accept a wide range of payments for their customers.

Unified Payment Tech offers various credit cards payment with different hardware and technology solutions to fit your business needs. These solutions include a wired card terminal or a wireless card reader to plug into your phone or tablet to accept mobile payments.

Accept in-store payments

Integrated technology

Affordable POS

Low processing fees

Next day funding

Fraud and chargeback protection

Accept Payments Anywhere


Need a convenient way to accept payments on the go? Our mobile payments offer a card reader you can attach to your phone or tablet. Solutions are available for Android or Apple.


Card terminals offered through Unified Payment Tech connect to a cloud-based gateway and accept all payment types; credit, debit, EMV, and Apple Pay/Android Pay.


Let your customers pay by check online with eCheck processing service.

Ready to Get Started?

Accept in-person payments via terminal, POS, or mobile with Unified Payment Tech.

Retail Merchant Services Advantage

Customers can enjoy an easier and more pleasant pay-in-store experience. You can accept all forms of card payments – chip, magnetized stripe, or contactless payment processing- with various technology and hardware solutions that fit your needs. These solutions may include a full-scale Point of Sale register and terminal, a simple plug-and-go EMV card reader, or a wireless card reader that plugs into your phone or tablet to accept mobile payments.

Next day funding

Online reporting

Mobile payment solutions

EMV Acceptance

Safe and reliable transactions

PCI compliance security

Low processing rates

Accept all major credit cards

Hardware that fits your business needs

Wireless Terminal

Wireless terminals are portable and let you go to your customer instead of waiting for them to come to you. With all the capabilities of an in-store POS system, a mobile terminal is a perfect solution for a business on the go.

NFC Enabled

In-person payments come in the form of a short-range wireless connection that allows customers to pay without ever touching the terminal. Some credit cards and smartphones have the capability but can only be used if your terminal has it as well.

POS System

Full-scale point-of-sale systems are essential for any retail business. Manage workflows and inventory, and accept in-person transactions of all types. Our advanced POS software provides quicker processing and increased security.

EMV Terminal

Accepting EMV chip cards is a must-have with pay-in-person processing. It’s more secure than magstripe readers, reduces fraud risks substantially, and keeps your PCI compliant with all major card brands.

Easy Application

Quick application process with a few company information we can get you processing quickly.

Low Credit Card Rates

We pride ourselves on being fully transparent and providing you with the lowest fees possible.

Effortless Integration

Getting your terminals and hardware set up with your current CRM, accounting, and inventory software is easy.