Our team has been fortunate to work with various clients over the years across many industries. Unified Payment Tech has a solution for every industry.

What are our Key Services

Credit Card Processing

Credit Card Processing for small businesses is essential to boost overall sales and offer convenient payment methods for your customers. Unified Payment Tech has all of the tools and features a modern business needs to fit your business needs! It is more than just overall cost. Hardware and software compatibility, clear contract terms, and high-quality customer support is what makes Unified Payment Tech the highest rated merchant services provider.

ACH Payment Processing

ACH Payment Processing has enjoyed an unexpected resurgence in recent years for e-commerce transactions, especially for merchants offering recurring memberships. Many merchants look for alternative ways to accept payments without paying the expensive processing fees that come with credit and debit card payments. ACH Payment Processing is another way Unified Payment Tech helps you save money and offer your customers more options for paying you.

Fraud Prevention

Operating your business is challenging enough with out the added stress of credit card fraud. Unified Payment Tech has several options to help prevent fraud. We offer solutions that protects boths sides of the transaction, the consumer whose information was stolen, and you, the merchant. Online fraud can involve not only fraudulent transactions, but also lost or stolen merchandise, or falsified requests for a refund. Let us help you get protected today!


Because we work with a wide range of solutions and systems, we offer our clients a multitude of integration options. Whatever platform or service you’re working with, we can provide a processing solution that connects to it. We have multiple ways to integrate credit card gateways, ACH payments, and more. Whatever custom payment processing integration you need Unified Payment Tech will work with you to make sure you have an integration that will get you accepting payments fast.

Virtual Terminals

Block fraud, prevent disputes, and stay ahead of the latest fraud trends using advanced technology combined with customizable risk rules. Unified Payments helps protect you from unwanted fraud. We have multiple solutions for e-commerce and businesses that help keep you safe while not proventing people from checking out.

eCommerce Gateways

Increasingly shopping happens online, many businesses process credit cards without ever seeing their customers. e-commerce merchants can expect integrations with Unified Commerce, Shopify, BigCommerce, Woocommerce, and more. We have gateways that solve multiple needs at once. Whether you or your employees need to key in credit cards from your phone orders, simple payment links for your website, connect payments to an e-commerce gateway, or other software, we have solution for you.

Mobile Payments

Need to process payments on the go? No problem! Unified Payment Tech supports all use cases! Our innovative mobile solutions are the perfect fit for a variety of businesses and industries, from pop-up-shops, and pet sitters to mobile delivery services. we have you covered. You can track sales, process credit and debit cards, keep an eye on time and attendance, and more all from a mobile device.

Chargeback Protection

Chargebacks happen. Unified Payment Tech can help you reduce the cost and the frustration. Whether it’s caused by actual fraud committed by identity thieves, or “friendly fraud” committed forgetful or confused customer, Chargebacks are upsetting. With our help we can give you the recourses you to need to stop unwanted chargebacks and there associated penalties.